What Gets Us Out

of Bed Everyday

Our Story

It’s all about making it easier for people to cook and enjoy great meals at home.

We’re a dedicated team of foodies, culinary artists, and creatives that work together as a family to bring zest and delight back to your kitchen, one Boxeh at a time.

We aim to provide households and families of different sizes and lifestyles with the opportunity to enjoy delicious home-made meals without the hassle of meal prepping and shopping.


It all started when...

Our founder Sahar was pursuing her MBA in the United Kingdom and was hooked on meal kit delivery services that allowed her to create wholesome meals at home while saving hours on grocery shopping and meal prep. That’s when she found herself falling in love with cooking in a whole new way. Upon her return to Amman, Sahar’s desire to share her newfound passion for hassle-free cooking inspired her to build Boxeh to enable people to cook great meals at home without all the extra work. In her own words, Sahar believes “ the only thing that beats a delicious home-cooked meal is one that is prepared conveniently.”

The Boxeh Values

Great food starts with great ingredients

Fresh, seasonal ingredients that you can turn into tasty dishes bursting with mouthwatering flavors in the comfort of your kitchen, without the need for hours of prepping and cooking time

Everyone can be a good cook

Cooking shouldn’t be rocket science. That’s why we always make sure our recipes are delightfully simple and easy to follow for everyone regardless of their cooking skills and lifestyle demands

The greatest memories are made in the kitchen

From burning the onions to laughing with flour on our noses and the triumphant feeling of creating a masterpiece, It’s these memories that stay with us. It’s these memories that we want you to create with Boxeh

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