Got What It Takes to Cook Up a Storm?

What You’ll Knead

  • Sharp palate and knives
  • Degree from a culinary school or college (desirable)
  • Passion for sharing knowledge and cooking techniques
  • Practical work experience or training in a professional kitchen
  • Enthusiasm for experimenting with new recipes and flavor combinations
  • Ability to write professional and easy-to-follow recipes.

Boxeh Chef Perks

Some of What You’ll Get

  • Exposure to our audience and community
  • Featured profile (picture, bio, social media links) on our website & social media channels
  • Reach a larger audience through Boxeh’s marketing campaigns & promotional activities
  • Opportunity to share cooking tips, ideas, and posts on our social media accounts
  • Financial reward for the chef with the most popular recipes on our website
  • Special appearance in Boxeh’s Cooking videos

How We Select the Best Talents

Our Application Process

Life Is All About Exploring Pasta-bilities






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